Ongoing improvements in project

Hi everyone,

While developers are working on the 1.2.0 release candidate, myself I’ve been looking into ways to improve the social and commercial aspects of project.

I’m happy to have established a positive relationship with a few companies, many of whom are themselves open source project developers and are ready to support other open source project.

The following open source tools will be added to our toolchain:

-  SonarQube by SonarSource is a source code analyzer that will help us improve code quality of the 1.2.0 and subsequent releases.

It’s odd that we didn’t know about it before, but now that we know of it, I hope it will change the project for the better. It uses an open core model and SonarCloud SaaS offering is available with no cost for open sources projects.

-  Discourse is a great discussion board software that will replace our old mybb forum. The old forum is now in read only mode to allow migration of the old topics to Discourse, and you give the new forum a try at Discourse kindly offered us a discount for managed hosting via their open source program. The domain will be eventually changes to (as per their discounted hosting plan requirements), but we’ll setup a redirect from both old domains when it’s ready.

On the commercial side, we are happy to announce that we now a part of two important Technology Alliances:

VMware Technology Alliance Program - Access Level will allow us to validate VyOS 1.2 OVA as a VMware Ready solution, which is also the first step towards the vCloud NFV certification. We hope it will help VyOS gain trust of the enterprise users and increase its adoption in that market.

Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Partner Program opens doors to the Nutanix platform for us. One of our goals from the beginning has been to bring VyOS to as many virtual platforms as possible, and it already runs on VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, and KVM, so Nutanix AHV support is a logical continuation of that effort, and we will also be listed on the Nutanix Marketplace to make it easy to deploy for Nutanix users.

I suppose these steps will help VyOS move forward and become a more successful project!

First ProNet Portal drafts, new Partners and Social Media

Hello Community!

We are super excited that VyOS finally gets the traction that it deserves and we have a few interesting updates to share with you!

VyOS 1.2.0-rc1

Will be released within two or three weeks.

Tons of new things, we are still building future release notes and you can always grab a rolling version from here. Of course you are invited to add to the release notes if you spot a resolved issue we forgot, or you want to expand the documentation of the new features.

More contributors!

New contributors are joining our effort and more communication happens about VyOS on different platforms. We would like to remind everybody that you are welcome to join and participate in our development collaboration platform.

Social Media & other communication channels

It's more important than ever to spread the word about VyOS.

This is the reason we’ve been adding profiles on just about every social network over time  and on behalf of the team I encourage you to follow/like/subscribe and participate!

Here is the list of social media accounts:

Twitter -

Facebook -

LinkedIn -

YouTube -

Instagram -

Reddit -

We also have a forum, a development portal and several chat platforms for real-time communication:

IRC - - many people here

Slack - - Newly launched!

Rocket.Chat - - few people

ProNet web

See the document below, it’s an initial draft rather than anything set in stone, but it’s probably pretty close to what we’ll eventually deploy in its fundamental concepts.

As always all feedback is welcome, email it to

New Partners

We’ve already received quite a few applications for participation in ProNet and continue to receive them.

They are all important for us and we are glad to see interest in VyOS among service providers.

I would like to specially mention two of newly arrived partners:

Packet - The Promise of the Cloud Delivered on Bare Metal. Great folks provide super interesting offering. Bare Metal instances with hourly billing and lot of interesting capabilities (Wide list of supported OSes, API, BGP peering and more). Currently you can boot 1.1.8 following this manual.

And we agreed to work together to get VyOS 1.2 as natively supported OS on Packet.

Protectli - First hardware vendor that showed interest to work with us!

Check out their appliances, those will be first hardware appliances officially supported by VyOS 1.2 so you may want order some. And they support OpnSense and other OSes, you can see full list here


As always, for those who read the article to the end get a 30% discount on merchandise via this link

Stay tuned!

ProNet details and registration form

We are excited to see so much interest in the ProNet partner program.

While we collect applications from people and companies, we have already started working on the design of the ProNet web portal, and we need your input to make it match actual needs of the people.

What would you like to see in the portal as business users, support and consulting providers, service providers, and hardware vendors?

The current concept includes:

  • Different partner profile types for consultants, support providers, and hardware vendors for easy filtering.

  • Search by service types and location.

  • Badges of Contributor, Sponsor, and Evangelist for people and companies that contributed code, made donations, or written or gave talks about VyOS respectively.

Please send your suggestions to All suggestions authors will get discounts on VyOS merchandize, and authors of best proposals will get a reward from us.

Let’s bring VyOS users and service providers closer to one another!

If you are interested in becoming a partner as an individual or a company, please fill the registration form

ProNet Announcement

Hello Community!

In the past few months there was a significant growth of interest to VyOS Project.

We’ve started getting more requests from companies looking for professional services such as  feature development and support and that is obviously great thing for the project!

However, to satisfy the demand, we need to grow the support team, and rather than try to do everything ourselves, we decided to share the business opportunities with the community of people and companies who are using VyOS and willing to share their expertise.

In other words, it’s time to start building a partner network!

We decided to name it ProNet, for a short and catchy name.

At Sentrium, we’ll focus on developing and maintaining VyOS, expanding our cloud platforms support, and offering custom feature development and developer support to our customers. Existing support contracts will continue to be fulfilled, but we will not take new support customers ourselves from now.

To offer decent level of quality for support services we already talking to several companies that showed interested in providing support services for certain territories however that is only beginning. If you is freelancer with deep VyOS knowledge or company with expertise in networking and VyOS and want to be part of our ProNet please drop us a line to and we follow up from there.

There are three levels - registered, professional, enterprise.

While we finishing program perks and requirements document we can guarantee that all qualified partners of first wave will get very exclusive conditions

We plan to introduce partner locator web on in Q2 2018 and we open to suggestions, 

just comment your ideas here or on social media about what you would like to see in future portal and we will be glad to consider them for implementation.

If you read until this line, you deserve 15% discount for our merchandise, just use this link  to get it automatically on check out or use PRONET code on checkout otherwise at our shop here

Stay tuned!

Registration form is now available here

Donations and other ways to support VyOS

Hello, community!

We got many requests about how you can donate, we decided open this possibility to those who asked

After all, this is direct support to the project that all you offer, and we constantly need a support of all types.

As was mentioned before, you can contribute in many ways:

But if you would like to contribute via donation you are welcome to do so!

Raised money will be used for project needs like:

  • Documentation development
  • Tutorials and training courses creation
  • Artwork creation
  • Travels of project maintainers to relevant events 
  • Event organization
  • Videos
  • Features development 
  • Popularization of VyOS
  • Servers
  • Lab
  • Software
  • Hardware

Of course, that is not a complete list of needs that project have but most visible.

Thank you!

Change is coming to VyOS project

People often ask us the same questions, such as if we know about Debian 6 EOL, or when 1.2.0 will be released, or when this or that feature will be implemented. The short answer, for all of those: it depends on you. Yes, you, the VyOS users.

Here’s what it takes to run an open source project of this type. There are multiple tasks, and they all have to be done:

  • Emergency fixes and security patches

  • Routine bug fixes, cleanups, and refactoring

  • Development of new features

  • Documentation writing

  • Testing (including writing automated tests)

All those tasks need hands (ideally, connected to a brain). Emergency bug fixes and security patches needs a team of committed people who can do this job on a short notice, which is attainable in two ways, either there are people for whom it’s their primary job, or the team of committed people is large enough to have people with spare time at any given moment.

Cleanups and refactoring are also things that need a team of committed people because those are things that no one benefits from in a short run, it’s about making life easier for contributors and improving the sustainability of the project, keeping it from becoming an unmanageable mess. Development of new features needs people who are personally interested in those features and have the expertise to integrate them in a right way. It’s perfect if they also maintain their code, but if they simply hand documented and maintainable code to the maintainers team, that’s good enough.

Now, the sad truth is that VyOS Project has none of those. The commitment to using it among its users greatly exceeds the commitment to contributing to it. While we don’t know for certain how many people are using VyOS, we have at least some data. At the moment, there are 600 users of the official AMI on AWS. There were 11k+ users last month on user guide page and it’s constantly growing since the time when I took up the role of the community manager of the VyOS project. We are also aware about companies that have around 1k VyOS instances and companies that rely on VyOS in their business operations in one way or another. But still, if we talk about consumers vs. contributors, we see 99% consumers vs 1% contributors relation.

My original idea was to raise awareness of the VyOS project by introducing a new website, refreshing the forum look, activating social media channels and introducing modern collaboration tools to make participation in the project easier, open new ways how users and companies can participate and contribute. Finally bigger user base means there’s a larger pool of people and companies who can contribute to the project. We also launched commercial support with idea that if companies that using VyOS for their businesses can’t or just don’t want to participate in the project directly, the may be willing to support the project by purchasing support subscriptions.

10 months later I can admit that I was partially wrong in my thoughts. While consumer user base growing rapidly, i just can’t tell the same about contributors and this is a pity. Sure, we got a few new contributors, some of them contribute occasionally, other are more active, and some old contributors are back (Thank you guys for joining/re-joining VyOS!). We are also working with several companies that are showing interest in VyOS as a platform and contribute to the project in commercial means and via human resources, and that is great, however, it’s not enough at this scale.

At this point, I started thinking that current situation is not something that can be considered as fair and not really make sense.

This are just some of questions that came to my mind frequently:

  • Why those who not contributing literally nothing to the project, getting the same as others who spend their time and resources?

  • Why companies like ALP group using VyOS in their business and claiming publicly that they will return improvements to upstream when they are not actually returning anything? Why do some people think that they can come to IRC/Chat and demand something without contributing anything?

  • Why are those cloud providers that using VyOS for their businesses not bothering to support the project in any way?

I would like to remind you of the basic principles of the VyOS philosophy established from its start:

VyOS is a community driven project!

VyOS always will be an open source project!

VyOS will not have any commercial or any other special versions!

However, if we all want VyOS to be a great project, we all need to adhere to those principles, otherwise, nothing will happen. Community driven means that the driving force behind improvements should be those interested in them. Open source means we can’t license a proprietary component from a third party if existing open source software does not provide the feature you need. Finally, free for everyone means we all share responsibility for the success or failure of the project.

I’m happy and proud to be part of VyOS community and I really consider as my duty to help the project and the community grow. I’m doing what I can, and I expect that if you also care about the project, you will participate too.

We all can contribute to the project, no matter if you are developer or network engineer or neither of this.

There are many tasks that can be done by individuals with zero programming involved:

  • Documentation (documenting new features, improving existing wiki pages, or rewriting old documentation for Vyatta Core)

  • Support community in forums/IRC/chat (we have English and localized forums, and you can request a channel in your native language like our Japanese community did)

  • Feature requests (well described use cases from which can benefit all our community: note that a good feature request should make it easier for developers to implement it, just saying you want MPLS is not quite the same as researching existing open source implementations, trying them out, making sample configs contributors with coding skills can use for the reference, drafting CLI design and so on!)

  • Testing & Bug reports

  • Design discussions, such as those in the VyOS 2.0 development digest

If you work at the company that uses VyOS for business needs please consider  talking with CEO/CTO about:

  • Providing full/part time worker(s) to accomplish tasks listed above

  • Provide paid accounts in common clouds for development needs

  • Provide HW and license for laboratory (we need quite a lot of HW to support all of the hypervisors, same is true about licenses for interworking testing)

  • Buy commercial support & services

In January, we’d like to have a meeting with all current contributors to discuss what we can do to increase participation in the project.

Meanwhile, I would like to ask you to share this blog post to all whom it may concern.

All of the VyOS users (especially those companies that use VyOS in their business) should be aware that is time to start participate in the project if you want to keep using VyOS and rely on it in the future.

Brace yourself.

Change is coming!