phabricator maintenance

Hi everyone,

phabricator migration to new VM is now complete, but it experiences performances problems because it's still re-importing all the repositories and, given there's a kernel fork there, it takes a long time. It's borderline usable now, but sometimes it fails to load its CSS on first attempt, and sometimes it just takes a long time to respond. Sorry for the inconvenience!

One repository import is complete, we'll need to do some more maintenance on the network at that site, but it's not going to take as long. Then this will hopefully be over and things will get back to normal.

Maintenance notification: is going down for a few hours at most. The original VM we deployed from a template had a disk too small for what we need, so we setup a VM with a bigger disk and LVM instead ordinary partition so we can expand it more or less online in the future.

But now we need to move the data to it, and for this we need to take the old machine offline. Sorry for the inconvenience.