Would you participate in a VyOS conference if it existed?

Hi everyone,

Please note: this is not a call for papers or anything like that, this is absoluitely theoretical and no specific plans whatsoever were made, and we clearly have more important things to worry about, but we want to gauge interest to find out if there's a reason to ever think about it or not.

If we were to have a VyOS conference, would you participate? What would be preferred location? How far would you agree to travel to attend it? What would you like to see there? What would you like to speak or listen about?

8 responses
Definately, ideally it would be east coast USA.
I would like and participate.
i think better in Europe for meeting Face to Face, but i think for first time better online meeting like youtube channels
Prague :)
meeting like youtube channels
Sure! Maybe its worth to make it online?
Would like something like this, But travel would be the kicker. I've probably only be willing to travel 100 miles
I would have no problems travelling from Europe to US if that's where the conference would be. Would love to join some workshops , listen to technical talks about overcoming network challenges and look into what others to with it.