Have you got any spare hardware for the VyOS testbed?

We've had an idea to put together a testbed for testing new VyOS releases for a while, as having different people test different interoperability issues is not always all that handy, but we didn't have a place to host it, so we never even made any specific plans.

However, syncer (the other guy at Sentrium) offered to host it in his closet, so we can think about details.

The idea is to setup a testbed with a few VyOS boxes and hardware by various vendors where we can test if everything is working as expected. Ideally we'd like to offer access to every contributor so they can live test their changes, but for this we'll have to come up with some reservation system (do you know of any ready to use implementations?).

But first of all, we need hardware. We've already got an EdgeRouterLite, probably a Cisco 870, and a RasperryPi for a host simulator. If you've got a device you can part with, consider donating or leasing it to us.

What we definitely don't have:

  • Some Juniper (SRX or smaller JSeries perhaps?)
  • Some Mikrotik
  • Cisco ASA (5505?)
  • One more managed switch
  • A couple more rpi's or other small boards for host simulators

If you've got anything else you think if worth adding to the testbed, let us know, join our conference here

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I have various types of hardware I can add, plenty pf IP space, and a data center you're welcome to host in. We put up a mirror a month ago and emailed the maintainers and it was never added to the list. We'd like to help nurture this project into something bigger, so send an email if you're interested.
Hello Jason. sorry for that, we trying to put all in order now, but it will take some time. Can you contact with me(i´m syncer in IRC and Phabricator) And we can discuss our collaboration. Thanks!
I've got an entire stack of ASA 5510 devices that are literally collecting dust if you'd be interested in something like that, shipped from Canada.
I have a stack of gear as well and some space to stack equipment. I have a few SRX boxes, some Foundry and Brocade switches, and an old Vyatta piece of hardware I bought from them a while back.
Hello guys, thanks for your input! you can join us on phabricator.vyos.net. Just grab your account and join this room https://phabricator.vyos.net/conpherence/7/ So we can coordinate effort Thanks!
I have a pair of MLNX DDR IB (mhgh28 iirc) cards + cable, if you want to test something old and fast.