VyOS 1.2.0-rc2 is available for download, with fixes to wireguard and PBR

The second release candiate is available for download from https://downloads.vyos.io/?dir=testing/1.2.0-rc2 

We are happy to see so many people test the release candidates! Some bugs were already found and fixed, and we are working on some more bugs found since the release of 1.2.0-rc1. To make already completed fixed available, we are making the second release candidate.

Resolved issues

  • Wireguard module not loading (T881).
  • PBR routes leaking into other tables (T882).
  • Unhandled exception in the wireguard op mode (T883).

Known issues

  • Fail to add an OpenVPN to a bridge group if cost is not specified (T884, let us know if you also see it).
  • commit-confirm doesn't cancel reboot properly (T870).
  • The GPG key for release builds is not included in the image

Stay tuned for the rc3!

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What is the best place to leave feedback for rc2? for now I'll place it here, for example: * I see a salt-minion service running which I think should not be installed or even running. I disabled it using systemctl disable salt-minion. * I cannot set a package url using: "set system package repository"
Hi yun, There is in fact VyOS saltstack integration, but it's still very experimental. I didn't mean to include it, but I did use the same build setup to build an image with saltstack, so it's probably a build artifact, I'll look into it. Thanks for finding it! We have not decided whether to include it in the mainline or not. If you don't want it, it's safe to disable it.
Alright, how about “set system package repository”. Is that a bug? Or is this feature removed?
Is there any way to reproduce these builds? Building from a specific commit / tag in vyos-build?
@agevis: thanks! That explains much more. However, I don’t understand the reason to remove it though. From an upgrade perspective I understand, but I like to add the official debian repo so I can add additional software. That I can add it by building a custom image is not very userfriendly imho. Ofcourse I can still add the repo manually but from the vyos cli is more consistent, reproducable and userfriendly.
The DHCP 'range' is new to release 1.2 and does not migrate from previous versions. This left ver1.1.8 migration without DHCP. I updated the Wiki but don't know how to submit this as a bug?
>I don’t understand the reason to remove it though The reason is pretty simple: if you know enough about Debian package management to use it responsibly, you can just edit /etc/apt/sources.list If someone does not know how to do it, they clearly should not even try to install anything on a system that is a Debian _derivative_ until they learn about it. I also don't want to make it look like installing third-party packages is supported. Someone not experienced with Debian can easily break their system irreversibly this way if they blindly accept APT's resolution that will destroy their VyOS installation. >The DHCP 'range' is new to release 1.2 and does not migrate from previous versions. Bugs should be submitted to https://phabricator.vyos.net Migration worked for me, so please make sure to include your config.
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